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Project Unity



To collect and vast knowlage of HaloReach file types/structures built into a simple application using advanced classes for easy modification.

Sharing is Caring? Right?

Obviously, the entire project will be open-sauce under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Current Project Plan/Roadmap;

====> physicsConstant.cs
====> forgeSettings.cs
====> signingKeys.cs
=====> mapImageBLF.cs
=====> mapInfo.cs
===> playerChunkData.cs
===> playerTableIndex.cs
=Windows Explorer
=> checkFileInfo.cs
=> iniClass.cs
=> quickTasks.cs
=> containerHeaderData.cs

Project ETA;

N/A, contant updates as it's developed. Expect first public alpha (α) release, around 6-7th March 2011.

Project Main Developers;

- Xerax

Project Researchers;

- Xerax
- ThunderWaffle
- ManBearPig

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